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Shaker Water Bath

“AVI” make Reciprocating shaker water bath are designed and fabricated to suit various I.S. standards to reciprocating shaking motion application in the growing field of Medical, Agricultural, Textile, Industrial, Research laboratories and Hospitals.

Features :
a) Ambient +5 deg.C. to 99 deg.C.
b) Digital Temperature controller with an accuracy 
    of +/- 0.5 deg.C.
c) Shaking with the help of AC/DC Gear motor with  speed regulator.  

Application : 
Reciprocal shaking water bath for vigorous mixing. 


Specifications :-

The Energy from the specially designed Stainless steel heat exchanger (electrical) is transferred to the clean fill water in the Boiler chamber. This heat Exchanger process generated chemical free steam for Humidification.

Capacity  250X6flask        250X9flask        250X12flask        250X18flask
Platform Size (cm)  30 X 20       30 X 30       40 X 30       60 X 30
Inner Chamber Stainless Steel 304 quality.
External Mild Steel powder coated / Stainless Steel
Range Ambient +50 to 99 °C.
Controller  Electronic Display Digital Temperature Controller.
Sensor PT-100
Accuracy  +0.1 deg.C.
Uniformity +0.1 deg.C.
Heater Special Type S.S. Tubular water Heaters
Heat up time 30 min. upto 90 deg.C. without load from ambient.
Shaking  Stroke Length 25 mm (Standard)
RPM 50 to 150 RPM
Lotus Clamps S.S. clamps having spring tension for holding flasks.
Insulation  Glass Wool 50mm
Top Lid Pyramidal Shape Stainless Steel
Capacity (Watts) 1000 1500 2000 3000
Power Consumption 4 amps       6 amps       8 amps       12 amps
Net Weight (approx) 25 kgs        30 kgs       35 kgs        45 kgs
Electronic requirements AC230V & 50 Hz cycle.

Optional :-

Micro Controller µ based Temp. Controller
PMDC MOTOR High torque pmdc gear motor.
DC Drive  Digital RPM Indicator cum Controller.
Timer ON / OFF Cycle.