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Oil Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Manufacturers in Surat

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Top Oil Free Diaphragm Vacuum Pump Manufacturers in Surat

We are a leading Manufacturer of portable oil free vacuum pump – AVI make, oil free diaphragm vacuum pump, rotary pump (oil seal high vacuum) and portable oil free vacuum pump with flame proof motor from Surat , (Gujarat) India.

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We are a leading Manufacturer of portable oil free vacuum pump – avi make, oil free diaphragm vacuum pump, rotary pump (oil seal high vacuum) and portable oil free vacuum pump with flame proof motor from Thane, India.

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Vacuum Pump

Portable Oil Free Vacuum Pump

Salient Features:
  • No lubricant required
  • Noiseless performance
  • Absolutely portable
  • Totally oil-free construction
  • Practically maintenance -free
  • All parts made from special graded Aluminum die-cast material for light weight and good strength
  • Diaphragms are made of special 2-ply nylon reinforced neoprene rubber.
  • Valves made of SS 316 material
  • Built-in micro-suction filter
Additional Information:
  • Item Code: AVI04
  • Pay Mode Terms: T/T (Bank Transfer)
  • Production Capacity: 100
  • Delivery Time: EX. STOCK/ 1-2 WEEK
  • Packaging Details: BOX
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Installation/ After Sales ServiceNot Provided
Working Pressure22″ HG
Model Number/NameAVI-15
Number of StagesSingle stage
MaterialCast Iron
Motor Speed1440 RPM
Country of OriginMade in India
Usage/ApplicationLAB AND INDUSTRY
TypeDiaphragm Vacuum Pumps
Pump Voltage230
Automation GradeAutomatic
I Deal InNew Only
Capacity15 LPM
Pressure22″ HG
Ambient Temperature55 DEG.C
Power0.5 HP
Maximum Pressure22″ HG
An oil-free diaphragm vacuum pump is a type of vacuum pump that operates without the use of lubricating oil. Instead of relying on oil for sealing and lubrication, these pumps use a flexible diaphragm to create suction and generate a vacuum within a closed system. This design makes them particularly suitable for applications where oil-free operation is essential, such as in laboratories, medical facilities, and industries where contamination from oil is undesirable, Our Service Center are all over India along with Surat.
Here are some key features and information about oil-free diaphragm vacuum pumps:
Diaphragm Technology: The pumping mechanism of these vacuum pumps involves a flexible diaphragm that moves back and forth, creating changes in pressure within the pump chamber. As the diaphragm moves, it causes the gas to be drawn into and expelled from the pump, creating a vacuum without the need for oil lubrication.
Oil-Free Operation: The absence of oil in the pump eliminates the risk of oil contamination in the evacuated space. This is crucial in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and food processing where even trace amounts of oil can be detrimental.
Clean and Dry Vacuum: Oil-free diaphragm vacuum pumps provide a clean and dry vacuum, making them suitable for applications in sensitive environments, such as analytical laboratories, where a contamination-free atmosphere is critical for accurate and reliable results.
Low Maintenance: These pumps are often considered low maintenance because they don’t require the regular oil changes or monitoring associated with oil-lubricated pumps. This can result in cost savings and reduced downtime.
Wide Range of Applications:Oil-free diaphragm vacuum pumps find applications in various industries, including chemistry, pharmaceuticals, environmental analysis, and wherever a reliable, oil-free vacuum source is needed. They are commonly used in equipment such as rotary evaporators, filtration systems, and vacuum ovens.
Quiet Operation:: Diaphragm vacuum pumps are known for their relatively quiet operation compared to some other types of vacuum pumps. This can be advantageous in environments where noise levels need to be minimized.
It’s important for users to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for operation, maintenance, and any specific requirements for their particular application to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the pump, We can provide immediate solution in Surat.

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