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TDS Meters



Technical Specifications :-

Model TDS AVI - 38 Table Model
Disply 3½ Digit LED
Range 5 Ranges
0-1000 ppt Mhos/ cm
Temp. Compensation Adjustable
Cell Constant Adjustment Plantinum DIP
Measuring Frequency 1000 Hz
Accuracy ± 1% FSI
Power 230V ± 10%
Dimaensions 76 x 275 x 175 mm
Weight 2 kg (Approx.)
Accessories TDS Cell,Opration Manual,Dust Cover and Stand

with atutomatic and manual temp. Compensation is also available


Salient Features :-

Tick Highly Stable and Accurate
Tick Cell Constant Adjustment Facility
Tick Available in Lab and Field modles
Tick Temp. Coefficient Correction Facility
Tick Wolffhuegel Glas Grid With Focusing Facility
    Auto Marker Pen