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Alcohol Breath Analyzer

Alcohol tester is a kind of tester designed to measure concentration result of the breathed alcohol in the human body.



Main Feature:-

Tick Advanced Flat surfaced alcohol sensor
Tick Quick Response
Tick SMD assembling, stable performance
Tick Smart MCU control
Tick Direct testing process LCD indication
Tick Digital LCD display with light blue backup
Tick Audio warning beyond pre-set limit
Tick Sensor fault self checking

Technical Data :-

Tick Sensor Type : Flat surfaced alcohol sensor
Tick Detection Range : 0.00- 0.20 BAC%; 0.00~2.00g/L; 0.00-2.00BAC%; 0.00-1.00mg/L; 0.00-200mg/100mL
Tick Alarming Level: 0.05BAC%; 0.50g/L; 0.50BAC%; 0.25mg/L; 50mg/100mL
Tick Accuracy: +-0.02%BAC at 0.05%BAC